Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review

iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t have a new design or many innovations, but it is still going to impress you. It can offer you everything the iPhone 7 does – both are water-resistant, both have the A10 Fusion processor, optical image stabilization on the rear camera for better low-light photos and both lack headphone jacks. The advantages of the iPhone 7 plus are two rear cameras – one wide angle and one telephoto. It can create depth-of-field blur effects. Battery is better, but still not perfect. You can use some of this tips to improve battery life.(Tips For Extending Smartphone Battery Life) Display is larger, it has 3 GB of RAM and it’s just a bit heavier.


This model of iPhone is also called phablet. It is big, especially when you add a case to it and it has an expansive screen. You might need some time to get accustomed to a larger phone if you haven’t used a phablet before. After about a week you will see the advantages of a screen this size and you will love it. Camera bump is more pronounced and antenna bands curve across the top and bottom edges of the phone.

You can buy iPhone 7 Plus in brand-new color named Jet Black. It looks fantastic but you will need to polish it very often because of the fingerprint marks. It’s a bit slippery so I recommend using a case.

Screen and speakers

The iPhone 7 Plus maybe doesn’t have the best resolution, but it has the widest color gamut. It uses DCI P3, a range of colors that encompasses a larger spectrum. The results are more realistic and diverse tones. The screen is bright, so it can be viewed even in sunlight.

The speakers are not particularly refined and there is very little bass, but they are excellent for a phone. They are loud so you can enjoy listening to music or watching videos or films.

Dual Camera

Dual cameras do not zoom. The phone switches between the wide-angle camera and the telephoto, from 1 to 2X. The camera app can digitally zoom up to 10X. Digital zoom works better than before, but zooming in too far results in blurry pictures. Maybe it is not the best, but the 7 Plus is among the tops in camera quality and it could be people’s everyday camera.

The new sensor has ability to capture a wide range of colors and separates them. The pixels are well defined. The white balance is noticeably better. iPhone 7 Plus captures a broad swath of the middle while also delivering tones on both the high and low ends. The result is a high-quality film image.

In settings, you can find “portrait mode” so you can create a blurred-background depth-of-field effect that makes photos of people or animals look like they were shot on a digital SLR.

To sum up, this phone has stunning specifications. If you are thinking about getting it yourself you should know that it is also excellent for gaming. You can compare it with some other smartphones. (Top 5 smartphones for gaming) You should also consider getting one of these iOS antivirus apps. (Best free iOS antivirus apps)

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