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Best Free iOS Antivirus Apps

When you have awesome smartphone like an iPhone you should protect all your stored data. Many antivirus applications are available in the iTunes store and that can be confusing. We made a list of best antivirus apps for iPhone to help you. Also, you can check out our list of the Best Free Android Antivirus Apps.



Lookout Mobile Security app allows you backup personal data, contacts and photos automatically. Lookout provides an Apple Watch App which is useful if you lost your phone. In that case, it only displays the word Lost and your contact information. This app also saves last location before the battery dies, alerts you when there is an iOS update, access your contacts and data to download them to a new iPhone. You can also call the phone and sound an alarm from the website.


Byte Labs

This app shield the mobile from harmful websites and applications, blocks malicious connections, checks if there are any security issues. You can use it for free for three months. Later, you have to pay $9.99 every month. Once you begin the monthly subscription, you can’t cancel it until the month is over. The app is available in English, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and many other languages. It doesn’t take up much space, only 29 MB.


VirusDetector Pro

If you choose this program, you will be able to import files or type in URLs into the software in order to determine if they will be safe for others to open. You can also analyze files that are stored on Dropbox or Google Drive and record all things that you deemed safe in the history log.



Norton exists for years. This is one of the biggest and the best programs for protecting computers and laptops. Finally, they have an antivirus app for iPhone and iPad. You can download it from the iTunes app store for free. Using Norton you can find your phone with a remote locate feature, back up your contacts and restore them, activate the “Scream” feature if the mobile is lost or stolen.



For using Avira you have to create user profile. Unfortunately, it requires signing up and asks users for backup. This app use “Yell” feature to make a yell sound and it also use the calling feature to call the lost device for free. If you like playing games on your iPhone, Avira is right choice for you. Please take a look at some of the Best Casual Mobile Games.


Trend Micro

Trend Micro offers a subscription for their services because they strive to be today’s best antivirus. The app has impressive features – it guards your phone against identity thefts and protects you from dangerous websites, enables you to manage your monthly data usage, backups your contacts, locates lost mobiles… You can also protect your privacy on Facebook and Twitter.



McAfee is famous for powerful protection of your smartphones, computers and laptops. It has pleasant interface and it is simple to understand. This app protects your photos and videos – it can only be opened with a PIN. You can wipe out your contacts, back them up or restore them. If your iPhone is stolen you can activate an alarm which works even in the Silent mode.



This app scans for information damages and it also quickly repairs those damages. It monitors your phone to decide if it has been abused. MobiShield monitors battery and storage, scans the network your iPhone is connected to, uses alarms to help prevent data charges on your phone.

Best Free Android Antivirus Apps

Antivirus Android apps are very popular. You don’t need one if you play it safe by downloading apps from the Play Store. If you like to take risk and to download suspicious app, you must use some kind of protection. Here are the best antivirus apps for Android smartphones.

AndroHelm Mobile Security

AndroHelm Mobile Security is not so well known but it provides a lot of benefits. It can offer you real – time protection from malware and spyware, scanning apps upon installation, updates and backups, virus protection… The most useful feature includes functions that let you remotely block your phone and delete files. Application is a little complicated and it could have better design but it work pretty well. Unfortunately, it is not free – you have to pay $2.59 per month or $23.17 per year.

360 Security

This app is very popular and highly rated because it is free and shields your smartphone well. It has a lot of features – you can scan your device files, apps and games, enable real – time protection or use the app’s built in cleaner and booster services. The most useful feature is an app lock that lets you to password protect any app on your device.


AVAST is very popular PC protection and now you can use it on your phone. It is well known and high – rated app. It is one of the best antivirus applications because it includes constant database updates, real – time protection, device scanning and ability to remote lock your phone if you lose it. There are features like data recovery, geo – fencing, ad detection and app locking. The price is $1.99 per month.


Avira is newer antivirus app but it seems that people like it. It comes with ordinary stuff like scanning, real – time protection and scanning the external SD. It also includes ati – theft feature, privacy and blacklisting features and admin features. It used to be free but now you must pay $11.99 per year.

AVG Antivirus Security

People know about AVG because it is used for PC protection very often. If you want to use it on your smartphone, the price is $3.99 per month. It includes real – time protection, device scanning, database updates, anti – theft features, remote device data wiping and monitoring battery, storage and data usage. It has attractive design and it’s easy to run.


Bitdefender is probably the lightest app on this list. It has only two features – scanning and cleaning your device. The scanning only takes a few seconds. Bitdefender has more complex version but this one is more than enough. People like it because it is simple and free.

CM Security

This app is high – rated on AV – TEST. Beside its antivirus and anti – malware features, CM also offers one of the best app locks that not only locks your app, but takes photos of people who tried to use your phone without permission. It is completely free.

We hope you will find this reviews useful. There are many more antivirus apps but we think these are the best for your smartphone. You won’t regret choosing any of them.

Best Casual Mobile Games for You to Play

Smart phones and other modern handheld devices and gadgets are great for all kinds of things. They’re amazing and very helpful for organizing your daily life and routines. They help you keep track of time, date and events that follow.

They help you stay informed and up-to-date with the recent news and happenings all around the world. We use them to stay in touch with our friends and family and to access all kinds of different information on the Internet.

Sometimes, we don’t use them for any of those things. Sometimes we just want to shut ourselves from the world and spend some time on our own. If you’ve read all the books you wanted to and there are no new TV shows to watch, if you would prefer some other type of escapism than music, perhaps your trustworthy smart phone or your business tablet can help you with this task as well?

We wanted to touch on a little bit different subject this time. We wanted to share with you some of the most enjoyable, casual video games that everyone can enjoy on their smartphones.

These are the types of games that you can play in between chores and jobs. They are absolutely optional and  require no training or preparation if you are to enjoy them.

Here are some of the best smart phone games that we think you might like:


Candy Crush Soda Saga

You probably know about this one already. This is the reason why we put it first on our list. It’s a game that pretty much everyone is aware of. Even though this is the case, not everyone has tried to play this rather addictive game.

Dazzling visuals and mouthwatering candy crushing action is very likely to keep you occupied for a couple of hours, or even couple of days. If you have nothing better to do and you are just looking for some fun, relaxing time on your own, you might as well try the Candy Crush Soda Saga for yourself.

If this game in particular isn’t quite to your taste, there are other Candy Crush games that might be better suited for you. They are all free to download and very good in their own way.

A word of advice though, this one is very addictive, just like candy.



8 Ball Pool

This is a game that can be as professional as it can be casual. Depending on who you play with, your experience might be completely different from someone else’s.

This is an 8 Ball Pool game. It is everyone’s favorite past time around bars all around the world. It is highly unlikely that you haven’t played it already. It is also quite possible that you like and enjoy playing this game. Well, now you can take the game wherever you go and enjoy its every once in a while.

The game plays rather smoothly and presents absolutely no obligation. You don’t have to keep playing it in order to get good. It is a perfect casual game to pick up, play for a little while and then walk away if you don’t feel like playing it anymore.

Also, for those of you that actually want to be competitive about it, you can. This game has so many players all around the world and some of them are quite professional at what they do. Should you ever feel like other players aren’t actually challenging your skills, you can easily look for more experienced people to play with.



Jurassic World: The Game

There’s nothing quite like being creative. Seeing your creation getting better and better is a very rewarding feeling. Video games are good at fueling us with that kind of emotion. Theme park games are especially known for this.

In Jurassic World: The Game, you get to build your own Jurassic Park. It is a place that blurs the lines between the past and present. Nature and technology coexist in this fantasy biome and they will continue to do so for as long as you play your cards right.

This game allows you to build and manage your own Jurassic Park with its every aspect.

As a park manager, you’re tasked with keeping things functional. Making the park attractive for tourists should and will be your primary concern. You will have to find new ways to keep people interested in visiting your park.

This will generate income for your park allowing it to constantly grow. Things like security management, infrastructure placement and even playing God to an extent by unearthing and researching dinosaur DNA samples used to resurrect and breed new dinosaur species is all part of the game.

The game will however require around 30 minutes or so for you to catch on and learn the ropes for yourself. After this, everything goes as smoothly as you make it.

However, if you only want to build the park without the potential dangers and perils, you might want to consider using a Jurassic World: The Game hack to make your park carefree. This is a perfect opportunity for everyone looking simply to get creative without having to worry about potential disasters, to do just that.


And there you have it. Three video games, three different experiences. All of them easy enough to simply pick up and play. They can be dropped as easily as they are picked up. If you happen to really like the game, they can be played nearly indefinitely.

In time, as you get better, these games will also “adapt” to your skills making your experience as interesting as it was at the beginning.