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Tips about Extending Smartphone Battery Life

Battery life is amount of time your device runs before it needs to be recharged. If you want to improve it, try some of these 8 advices:


Block ads

Installing an ad blocker will extend your battery life. Downloading mobile ads while browsing the web burns through power. Using ad blockers can reduce battery usage to only 8 percent of a full battery.


Using auto – brightness for the screen

Reducing your screen brightness is the best way to cut down battery drain because a smartphone’s screen consumes the most energy. The researches have shown that iPhones use about 60 percent less battery power with the screen brightness at minimum and an Android phones used 45 percent less power.


Downloading music

We know that streaming is very popular way of listening to music, but this uses a lot of battery power. Streaming music over a Wi-Fi connection uses 15 percent of iPhone’s battery and storing music directly on a device consumed only 4 percent. Still, there are streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music which let you listen to songs by storing the music directly on your phone.


Turn off push notifications

This kind of notifications causes your phone to wake up for a few seconds, they are turning on the screen so it’s good to shut them off. Of course, it depends of amount of notifications you get every day. If an app or service is sending notifications constantly, you should consider disabling them. It is very simple – on Android phone you have to go that app’s App Notifications setting and block them. If you are an iPhone user go to the Settings, tap notifications and then disable Allow Notifications.


Change email settings

If you are receiving lot of emails each day it can have major impact on battery life. Your smartphones are probably automatically updating your email using a technology called push. It brings new messages instantly and because of that your phone is using much energy. To save it, configure your phone to check for email every 30 minutes or every hour.


Turn off Wi-Fi when signal is bad

When you are in a place without good Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, your phone uses a lot of energy searching for a good signal. In this situation turning on Airplane Mode will shut off all wireless features. This is quick and easy solution for saving some energy.


Check the lists of battery usage

iPhone and Android phones provide a way to see which apps are using a lot of power. If you want to check it, open the Setting app and in the Battery menu you will find list of apps that are using the most energy.

On the iPhone’s battery usage screen, tap the clock button to see how much energy each app is taking away when you are using it compared with when you are not. On Android, “CPU total” and “CPU foreground” will give you this information. You might notice that game applications consume a lot of energy if you are actively using them. If you really enjoy playing games you should check out Best Casual Mobile Games.

Exploring that list of apps you can see that antivirus applications do not use much energy. That is very good because it is important to have these apps installed. Here you can check Best Free iOS Antivirus apps. If you have Android phone, you can check Best Free Android Antivirus Apps.


Disable location tracking

Applications that track your location can lower your battery level. You can decide to turn these apps off. On an iPhone you have to go to Privacy menu and Location Services. On Android, go to the Settings app, tap Apps, than select “Permissions” and then disable location permission.

Myths About Extending Smartphone Battery Life

When consumers purchase smartphones, long battery life is on the top of the list of the important factors. Although smartphone technology is developing rapidly, batteries have made very slow progress.

Battery technology is underwhelming so many companies have been developing smarter batteries. Most batteries are based on lithium technology. This technology is low cost and easily reproducible.

There was a research which showed that people do not really know how to extend battery life. Here are six myths about extending batteries life which we should immediately stop believing.


Turning off Wi-Fi

A common suggestion for extending battery life is to turn off Wi-Fi, but this won’t always work. Your phone uses less energy to connect to the Internet if you are in range of strong Wi-Fi signal.

Enabling Wi-Fi helps phone determine its location without relying on GPS features, so you can save some extra energy. When your phone has difficulties to get a good connection because Wi-Fi signal is weak it’s better to use cellular data connection.


Disabling all location services

Many apps on your phone use your location. These applications don’t use more than a few percent of your battery’s capacity. Problem is that phone’s screen is continually on and that’s why navigation uses a lot of power.

You don’t have to disable all of your location features, it is not so useful – you won’t save much energy. You can find out what app is consuming battery the most and then turn them off.


Closing unused apps

One of the worst methods to prolong battery life is closing apps you are not using. This may work on a computer, but smartphones have different design. If you are not using it at the moment, all processes are frozen. Actually, quitting apps has drawbacks – next time you open it phone has to reload all codes and that requires energy.


Don’t use third-part chargers

A common opinion is that you should use only your phone’s charger because others will damage your battery. In reality, things work different. The AC adapter converts the AC current into DC current that it provides via a USB port. Your phone allows charging from a variety of power sources. That’s why you can charge phone using the USB port on a computer or a charger in your car.

Budget chargers are poorly made so they can damage your smartphone and they can hurt you by exposing you to dangerous currents. You can prevent that if you buy charger from reliable sellers.


Occasional calibration

Older battery models required “calibrating” to prevent capacity problems, but today’s smartphones don’t have these problems anymore. You should fully charge your phone and then using it until it dies once every couple of months. The battery won’t last longer because of that, but battery meter will be more accurate.


Using Wi-Fi over cellular

People think that using Wi-Fi consumes less power than a cellular signal. The researches have shown that browsing over Wi-Fi used the same amount of power as browsing over cellular. As long as you have good signal there’s no difference between Wi-Fi and cellular data.

If you have tried all these things and still there are no results, you should consider buying an external battery or you can try some of these tips. (Tips for Extending Smartphone Battery Life)